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TAK automation is a leading industrial automation company in coimbatore started in 2017. Our vision is to serve our clients with our Precision machining capabilities and establish ourselves as a Reliable Machining Partner.

We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals in Foundry, CNC Machining, Casting, Forging , Welding , Heat treatment, Special processes to deliver to our clients quality standards and schedules.

We are a leading engineering organisation engaged in the manufacturing of precision components, where Quality is at the heart of every aspect of each component that we make at the benchmark of reliability.

Our History

A general overview of the way, TAK Automation grew and year after year—every milestone is our attempt to go beyond.


Start Journey

Started our company TAK Automation in the year 2017


ISO Certified

We have shifted to our new factory which has all safety measurements and we follow with ISO 9001:2015 standardisation


We Are Global

We export machines to abroad, to make our clients convenient we are online 24 X 7 in website

Board of Directors

The following are the board of directors who are strenghtening TAK Automation day by day to go beyond by their vision and values and technical knowledge in the industry and technology


Technical Director / Metallurgist


Managing Director


Executive Director


Completed Projects


Products Done






  • 2 x Horizontal Turning Centre
  • 2 x Vertical Machining Centre
  • 1 x Vertical Turning Centre
  • 2 x UCAM 4th Axis
  • 2 x Arc and TIG Welding
  • 1 x Wire EDM
  • 1 x Radial Drilling
  • 1 x Engraving Machine
  • 2 x Jig Crane – 1 Ton
  • 2 x Pallet Truck – 2.5 Ton
  • 1 x Goods Transport Motor vehicle (2.5 Mt carrying capacity)

Measuring Equipment

  • 1 x 2D Height gauge TRIMOS
  • 3 x Surface Table 1600 x 1000 Grade ‘O’
  • Outside Micrometer – Available Ranges 0 to 600 mm
  • Inside Micrometer – Available Ranges 50 to 500 mm
  • Vernier Caliper – Available Range – 0 -1000mm
  • Bore Dial - Available Range – 10 - 400mm
  • Bevel Protector and Radius Gauges
  • Thread Ring gauge and Plug Gauges Based on Application
  • Digital Weighing scale 0 - 500 kg

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